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4 signs you’re strapless bra is no longer serving you

If bra fittings feel like a chore, consider a universally flattering style

As it turns out, studies show 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. It doesn’t matter how stylish you are or what kind of job you have, eight out of every ten women are wearing bras that simply don’t fit. So how do you know if you’re guilty of owning a drawer full of ill-fitting lingerie? While your bra might “feel” comfortable, chances are you’ve been ignoring the signs all along. Here are some fail proof clues to know if it's time to switch up your strapless bra. 

1. General Discomfort

If you’re constantly tugging at your bra or the band is digging into your skin, your bra is the wrong size or possibly too old. Edita Solak, a fitting expert at Victoria’s Secret recommends getting fitted every six months as "your body is always changing". No matter your chest size, you want a bra that comfortably contours your body with no gaping cups or spillage.

2. Skin Abrasions & Chafing

When the wire in your bra starts to poke through the fabric, it's time to upgrade. No amount of cleavage is worth sores on your ribcage. If you don’t have time to get fitted, we heard about this universally flattering, wire-free push-up strapless that has been getting a lot of attention lately. With a 98% satisfaction rate, it’s no wonder it keeps selling out. Point being, there are great ways to achieve cleavage in a stylish option that won’t leave you or your skin irritated.

3. Premature Sagging

If you’re noticing that your breasts aren’t sitting as perky as they once were, your bra cups are likely too big and not offering enough support to keep your boobs in place. Bras are designed to lift and not only can the right bra eliminate sagging, it can make you appear slimmer and take years off your looks.

4. Bad Posture

Experiencing back, neck, shoulder, and even breast pain over time can result in bad posture. Typically these complaints correlate to larger breasted women, but if you find yourself frequently hunched over, your bra size could be the culprit. 


As Oprah said, "Women of America…you need to rise up and get a proper bra fitting." Shopping for a bra can be difficult, but there has never been a better time to do so with the online shopping boom. Don’t ignore the telltale signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size and if you can’t get a professional bra fitting, there are online bra size calculators to help you find your perfect fit. The folks behind MangoLift also have a generous 30 day risk free trial for more consumer confidence.